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Helping You Plan Ahead in Ann Arbor

I am an attorney based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, with a philosophy uncommon among lawyers. I’d rather spend my time working to keep my clients out of court than watch them spend their hard-earned money defending their interests in court.

I do this by practicing “preventive law”–looking ahead, anticipating legal issues and proactively counseling my clients in an effort to avoid legal entanglements by, quite simply, helping them to plan ahead.

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Success Stories

Jan Lee

Satisfied Client

When my father-in-law, Chuck, was suddenly taken to the hospital with heart issues, he realized that he needed to “get his affairs in order.” Chris met us at the hospital that afternoon to discuss Chuck’s wishes. He was compassionate and understanding, without a lot of  the confusing ‘legal speak.’

Susan Franke

Financial Advisor

A Final Will and Testament shared by one client named his ex-spouse and the adult children from that marriage as the heirs of his estate. That could have caused severe financial hardship for his current wife and new baby. A phone call to Chris solved the problem.

Len Pytlak


Chris will go out of his way to help his clients. The elderly mother of a mutual client of ours was going to have an operation and needed financial documents drawn-up promptly. Chris drafted the documents and took them to the hospital for the family to review and sign, since they could not come to the office.



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